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Shark Fin & Recommended Dishes

Shark Fin Soup  

Shark Fin fried with Chinese mushroom and egg 

Abalones sauteed with oyster sauce 

Abalones sauteed with asparagus 

Seasoned Abalones 

Abalones Soup

Sea Slung Soup

Mutton Soup










Popular Dishes

Goose feet cooked with soy sauce

Fish steamed with salted Chinese Ume (Bass, Butter-fish, Tara)

Shrimp Spring Roll (Saha-Style!!!) 

Special Bread Salad

Gloden Fried Shrimp Salad

Sauteed Five Kinds of Nuts & Fruits

Buddhist Delight : Luxurious Shark fin, Abalones, Black-Chicken, fresh Fish-Maw with Chinese spice soup (Reservation required!!)




Crab sauteed with curry 

Crab sauteed in Thai shrimp paste sauce 

Crab steamed in Chinese soy sauce

Crab cooked with jelly noodle in clay pot

Crab and Thai water crest soup seasoned with  pepper

Crab steamed or sauteed with black pepper 


Fish steamed with chilly, garlic and lemon (Bass, Butter-fish, Tara)

Fish steamed with soy sauce (Bass, Butter-fish, Tara)

Tara deep-fried with garlic

Fish Tempura dressed with original sauce

Black Fish served cold with black been sauce

Bass sauteed with celery


Prawn steamed dishes (garlic or black pepper)

Prawn deep-fried with garlic

Prawn fried topped with Khana and oyster sauce

Prawn cooked with vermicelli & soy sauce

Fresh river prawn cooked with salt

Oyster, Mussel & others

Seasoned oyster

Au-suan : oyster or mussel sauteed with egg

Oyster or mussel sizzling plate

Deep fried scallop served with mayonnaise

Squid sauteed with celery



Pad Krached (Krached sauteed with garlic)

Khana dressed with oyster sauce

Khana sauteed with shrimp and Chinese mushroom

Venison sauteed with Thai Celery

Four flavor vegetables topped with red sauce

Asparagus sauteed with shrimp 

Asparagus topped with Khana and oyster sauce

Lettus sauteed with kanpuai (dried scallop)

Fried Thai water crest












Thai Dishes

 Tom Yum Kung (prawn spicy soup)

Prawn marinated with fish sauce, chilly and garlic

Pad Kra-pao (choice of sea slung, duck's tongue, fresh fish maw suateed with basil leaf) 

Thai styled salad : seasoned with lemon and chilly (choice of seafood, oyster)

Rice & Noodles

Fried rice (choices of albalones, crab, prawn, Khana&dried-fish)

Rice dressed with crab or prawn

Rice Congee (choice of fish, prawn)

Lad-na (Noodles cooked with seafood)

Mee Hok Gian (Chinese noodle sauteed with shrimp, ham, cabbages and Chinese mushroom)












  Snow Taro

Ginkgo nut in hot milk or clear soup

Gingko nut with swallow nest soup

Swallow nest in hot milk or clear soup 

We still have a lot more to serve for your happiness